Bienvenidos a Tres Besos….

We have two (2) short term, vacation rentals in the Pueblo Mágico, Todos Los Santos, Baja CA Sur, México.

Here are our Availability and  Rates

Tres Besos es un lugar simple, tranquilo y muy bueno para su salud!                     Tres Besos is a simple, relaxing place and very good for your health!

We appreciate your visit and hope you choose our accommodations.

Tres Besos is a no pets,  non-smoking facility.

Tres Besos’ owners believe that every person deserves easy, low-cost access to all resources needed to have a safe, healthy and comfortable life. Visit our links page for information on Public access to real, community vetted & community sponsored information (meaning uncensored by capitalist interests).

Contact us here with any questions or comments.

If you are concerned about visiting or moving to México then please watch this video.  Granted it is slightly dated but ask any of these people today and they will tell you the same story, that life in the USA is more dangerous and costly and Mexicans are civilized! You will hear similar stories from those of us living in Todos Santos and elsewhere in México.
We sold everything in the USA and moved to Todos Santos for a more comfortable, healthy and affordable life.

The Baja Insider reports that México is the number one foreign destination for US citizens. About 25 million US citizens safely visit México per year with Cancún as the number one choice and Cabo San Lucas as the second.

Tijuana is the busiest border crossing on Earth: Over 150,000 US citizens safely cross TJ’s border DAILY!

… tourists and average citizens are as safe in México as any where else.   So visit anytime and stay with us for a relaxing Baja experience!

Baja Insider gives a real life perspective on safety in this regularly updated article.

Zika Virus updates …   

If you are still concerned please visit the very bottom of our “Health Promoting Ideas & Actions” page for our statement on violence in México.
Avoid fear mongering commercial USA news:  Listen to non-commercial Pacifica Network News on the Left side of the dial or online: KPFA – Berkeley, KPFK – LA, WBAI – NYC, WPFW – WADC, KPFT – Houston.

🌴  😎  🌵  🏄🏽  🐢  🐴  🌞  🏊🏼  ⛰

Tres Besos’ gated compound has 3 houses set around a garden currently with 2 rentals:

 La Casita and La Cabaña

Availability               Rates            About us

 Tres Besos offers:

Location, Location, Location

  • 5 minute walk to the beach
  • a mile and a half drive or walk to town
  • half a kilometer South of the Tropic of Cancer
  • About 2 mile beach-walk or a 15 min drive to our fisherman’s beach, Punto Lobos.
  • Surf beaches are 20 min drive:  north to La Pastora or south to Los Cerritos
  • Local beach is a shore break, challenging for swimming when swell is over a meter.
  • Our lush garden is full of palms, bananas, papayas, macadamias, coconuts, mangos, guavas, vegetables, medicinal & culinary herbs…
  • Locally available organic food.

Local events include TS Cultural and Seasonal Fiestas, TS Music Festival in January, TS Art Festival in February, TS Film Festival in March, TS Mango Festival in May.  There is a festival practically every month and plenty of arts and crafts shopping and several eateries on every block in town.

FYI on weather:

  • Most of the year temperatures are between 45-ish-90-ish F & relatively low humidity.
  • Swimming is best from October thru Jan. Ocean can be warm November thru January.
  • The least desirable time here is late July thru early October, Hurricane Season.
  • May 16 is the beginning of the Global Hurricane Season, however…
    • 80% of all hurricanes that have hit Baja did so in September.
    • Hurricane season temperatures:  high  80’s to mid 90’s F & 80-100% humidity.
    • The ocean is around 80-85 F during Hurricane season & high 60s to 60s the rest of the year.
  • August thru early October is also our rainy season at 5″/ yr in lowlands & 40″ in mtns.
  • We do get some rain occasionally throughout the winter usually in late afternoon in very short thunderstorms.
  • Currently there is no air conditioning in any of our houses.

Diane and Larry are acupuncturists offering health care options with on-site treatments, Diet counseling, Tai Qi, local yoga, etc…

We make and sell our own sauerkraut, tepache and other fermented foods as we learn them.

We also buy, refurbish & sell cool, real-wood, used furniture.

Local Ecotourist Activities: whale watching – Winter/Spring, turtle nesting/hatching – Winter & Spring, horseback riding, hiking, biking, sea kayking, snorkeling, surfing in Jacques Cousteau’s favorite Marine ecosystem.

Baja has one of the largest Coral Reefs on Earth: Cabo Pulmo, 3 hour drive.

Turtle volunteer activities are available through our friends at Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C. who manage the Winter Turtle Conservation district on our 20 mile stretch of beach.

Eco Baja Tours offers airport shuttle services. Book here. About $22USD per person one-way to Todos Santos.

🌎¡Salud a La Madre Tierra, muchísima gracias!🌎

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2 responses to “Home

  1. Having recently spent a week at Tres Besos, I am searching for a term less cliched than ‘magical’ to describe my visit. Granted, I am from the Great White North, which creates a vivid contrast with the environment of Baja Califormia Sur. But it was far more than warm weather and beaches. The hosts, Larry and Di, are incredibly welcoming and hospitable. The houses blend interior and exterior space that flows to the surrounding gardens in a way that is so re-creating to the spirit. They are lovingly improving the houses and gardens, making their environment more and more beautiful. Oh, and they know how to have a lot of fun, too, so they provide great suggestions for cool things to do. I body-surfed, boogie-boarded, visited the sea turtle preserve while the hatchlings were released to the Pacific Ocean, snorkeled, watched migrating whales and rays jumping from the water. I also hiked in the desert and along the coast and spent time in a hammock beneath the palm trees, reading and watching birds in the garden. Serious bird watchers have got to love this place.

    So, in short, I loved my stay at Tres Besos and can’t wait to go back.
    Gina M


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