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Vacation Rentals, Fermented Foods, Permaculture Design, Chinese Medicine….

What we do…
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Diane & Larry are the current stewards and care-givers, of the one acre food forest we call Tres Besos

…we offer two (2) “vacation” rentals and diet education while enjoying gardening, eating & sharing home grown food from the food forest where we live.

Moving to Mexico has helped us realize that borders only serve to separate the common people and benefit the money-hoarders.

Smoothie/Cocktail Hr

Fermented food is one of our passions: We make our own salsas, kombucha, tepache, sauerkraut & some bread”. People generally eat more fermented foods than they realize:

  • bread
  • alcohol
  • sauerkraut
  • real mayonnaise (not brand)
  • cheese, kefir, kombucha
  • yogurt, relishes, chutney
  • Worcestershire, ketchup, soy sauce, miso, tempeh … not Pickles, etc.; “pickled”= vinegar.
Diversity = Unity Our own PCD Symbol

Permaculture Design (PCD), humane ideals & Chinese Medicine (includes pre-med western science) inform our holistic outlook on Life.

Diane: BS in Psychology & Biology, Master TCM (MTCM).

Larry: BS Solar Design, MTCM, Certified Permaculture Design

Our ongoing education is facilitated by community radio and our own follow up studies & research.

We encourage everyone to listen to & become a supporting member of local community radio &/or Pacifica, KPFA, 94.1 FM, – Berkeley, CA founded 1949

Short-term “vacation” rental accommodations

Visit our Bookshop page. Support local booksellers

Food Forestry
  • sustainable garden based on native, perennial plants.
  • canopy: nut & fruit trees.
  • understory: native, culinary, medicinals, food, flowers.
  • soil: mostly fungal mycelium, bacteria, insects, plant debris.
  • local native plants build soil.
  • we depend on healthy soil
  • compost everything
  • We can all aspire to BE compost.

Eat Whole Foods, mostly vegetables, & not too much.

Michael Pollan

Our version: Eat Cooked, Fermented, Whole Foods, mostly Veg, some Organic meats, organs & broth and not too much.

  • cooked & fermented veggies
  • cooked dark leafy greens
  • small amt of fruit
  • small amt raw veg
  • small amt of various meats
  • moderate amt various animal fats
  • butter/eggs, all you want
  • small amt seed (veg) oils
  • bone broth daily alone or cooked in food like rice or sauces, etc….
  • small amt soaked, roasted nuts
  • fermented grains & legumes

Our idea of wealth and riches:

  • community food forest
  • loving family
  • supportive friends
  • active community
  • worker-owned business.
  • rural area
  • local, diverse small farms
  • continuous learning and sharing of materials, food & honest knowledge
  • optimal diet = optimal health
  • participate in fun outdoor activities.
  • Lots of DIY projects
  • a small town we can enjoy year round & accommodate friends, family, guests, clients.
  • Sunset walks
About Us

Diane & Larry met in Chinese Medical school in 1994, married & worked together in North Central Washington for 14 years, then moved to Todos Santos in January 2013.

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