Bienvenidos a Tres Besos….

Tres Besos is now off the rental market for the foreseeable future.

We are converting to a family only compound to accommodate our familys’ needs and desires.

As family needs change we will re-enter the rental market with up to 5 units.

Our “new” units and re-entry may take up to several years; however, this could change at any time.

If you are interested in staying with us, then please contact us with a request to be on our notification list and we will inform you as soon as we have units available.


Additionally we are preparing to enter the prepared food market as providers of homemade bone broth and fermented foods.

– As you may know we are practitioners of Chinese Medicine (WA State L.Ac.).

– This service will continue to be available.

– As practitioners of CM, we are educated in nutrition and dietetics according to CM. 

As lovers of good health and food we have been following and studying  nutritional science for over 25 years, many years more than we have been CM practitioners.

This ongoing study of diet and nutrition focuses on the healthy, natural diets of pre-industrial / pre-agricultural cultures.

These ancient cultures tend to be much healthier than modern, industrial cultures due to the much higher nutritional levels of these diets.

The human brain has been as large as it is now for a very long time. Longer than all human cultures so we have been as smart as we are now for our entire cultural evolution as Homo sapiens sapiens!

As such our ancestors figured out how to prepare natural, whole foods in ways that maximize flavors and nutrition!

Industrially, mass, produced foods have reduced the availability of our prior, natural nutrition levels by as much as 10 times, i.e. native cultural diets tend to have ten (10) times more nutrition than the modern “Standard American Diet,” aka SAD.

Traditional healers work to maintain good health in their tribe/community through education in diet and exercise.

In ancient pre-industrial China, the job of the healer/shaman/doctor was to keep everyone healthy and the village provided food and housing for the “healer.”

When enough village members become ill the ‘doctor’ did not get fed because the villagers were not able to provide enough food.  This as well as general altruism was the “doctors'” incentive to provide continual preventative health care.

This is one reason why CM focuses on prevention via regular “tune-ups,’ diet and exercise.

Today and historically CM practitioners may see their job as “ephemeral,”  meaning our true job is put ourselves out of business by educating the people sufficiently that our work of “healing” during illness becomes unnecessary!

 So our plan as health care providers is to provide of fresh, homemade bone broth and traditional fermented foods like “kimchee,” sauerkraut, tepache (traditional Méxicano fermented pineapple) and others as discoveries and requests occur.

Our bone broth will include broths made with fresh and as local as possible chicken, beef, pork, lamb & fish on a regular weekly basis and made to order for personal and restaurant use.  Our ingredients will vary but generally include the various meats, their organs and bones and vegetable like garlic, onions, carrots, celery, vinegar and a pinch of salt (not to taste, just for cooking purposes).

🌎¡Salud a La Madre Tierra, muchísima gracias!🌎

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2 responses to “Home

  1. Having recently spent a week at Tres Besos, I am searching for a term less cliched than ‘magical’ to describe my visit. Granted, I am from the Great White North, which creates a vivid contrast with the environment of Baja Califormia Sur. But it was far more than warm weather and beaches. The hosts, Larry and Di, are incredibly welcoming and hospitable. The houses blend interior and exterior space that flows to the surrounding gardens in a way that is so re-creating to the spirit. They are lovingly improving the houses and gardens, making their environment more and more beautiful. Oh, and they know how to have a lot of fun, too, so they provide great suggestions for cool things to do. I body-surfed, boogie-boarded, visited the sea turtle preserve while the hatchlings were released to the Pacific Ocean, snorkeled, watched migrating whales and rays jumping from the water. I also hiked in the desert and along the coast and spent time in a hammock beneath the palm trees, reading and watching birds in the garden. Serious bird watchers have got to love this place.

    So, in short, I loved my stay at Tres Besos and can’t wait to go back.
    Gina M


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