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Diane & Larry are caregivers & stewards to the piece of Earth we love, live on and call Tres Besos (“Three Kisses”).

We are full-time residents of Todos los Santos, BCS, México 🇲🇽 with INM status “Residente Permanante.”

Todos los Santos (All Saints) was a small fishing village about halfway between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz in one of the youngest Mexican States: Baja California Sur.

Today Todos Santos is a tourist town, un “Pueblo Mágico”, still with a fishing cooperative and now many outdoor “eco” tourist activities as well, along with many vacation rentals, restaurants, art galleries and educational/personal development courses to enjoy.

We are located just north of town in a rural neighborhood, colonia La Cachora. Todos Santos is about 60 miles northwest of Los Cabos International Airport and 45 miles southwest of La Paz.

Diane and Larry are a wife & husband 💑 team, living and working together since 1998, each with a MTCM, Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, interest in home recycling (remodeling) & Permaculture based gardening of some of our own food, flowers, medicinal & culinary herbs. 🌿

1994: We met at Five Branches University of Traditonal Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA were we achieved our Master’s Degrees in TCM.

1998: upon completing our MTCM 🐉, we graduated, moved onto our 20-acre property in Winthrop, WA (Methow Valley North Central WA), designed and built a solar powered home 🏡 and opened our office, The Methow Acupuncture Clinic!  ☯️

Our new home was a Gur, aka Yurt, ⛺️ on a 30-foot diameter concrete floor with radiant,♨️ hydronic heat.

Our Gur was powered solely by the sun, we set up the well with a solar-direct DC pump (no batteries), clawfoot tub, outdoor solar shower, Wedgewood gas stove.. Luxury camping!  aka “Glamping!” ⛺️

2006: Moved to Spokane, WA for more work 🏥 in Chinese Medicine and to recycle old rundown homes, aka remodeling.

January 2013: we moved to Todos Los Santos where we found and purchased Tres Besos that May. 🎉

June 2013: Tres Besos became our full-time home 🏡, garden 🌴 & business 💼 with our personally manicured vacation rentals.

This  half-acre gated garden has many Geckos 🦎 who make kissing 😘 sounds in and around the three houses; thus the name, Tres Besos… 💋😘💋

🌎 ¡Salud a La Madre Tierra muchas gracias! 🌎

🇲🇽  ¡ViveMéxico!  🇲🇽

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