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Diane & Larry are caregivers & stewards to the piece of Earth we love, live on and call Tres Besos (“Three Kisses”).

We are full-time residents of Todos los Santos, BCS, México 🇲🇽 with INM status “Residente Permanante.”

Todos los Santos (All Saints) was a small fishing village about halfway between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz in one of the youngest Mexican States: Baja California Sur.

Today Todos Santos is a tourist town, un “Pueblo Mágico”, still with a fishing cooperative and now many outdoor “eco” tourist activities as well, along with many vacation rentals, restaurants, art galleries and educational/personal development courses to enjoy.

We are located just north of town in a rural neighborhood, colonia La Cachora.

Todos Santos is just north of the Tropic of Cancer, 23’50” NL; 77 miles northwest of Los Cabos International Airport; 45 miles North of Cabo San Lucas; 45 miles South of La Paz.

Diane and Larry are a wife & husband 💑 team, living and working together since 1998, each with a MTCM, Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. We do home recycling (remodeling) & Permaculture based gardening of some of our own food, flowers, medicinal & culinary herbs. 🌿

1994: We met at Five Branches University of Traditonal Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz, CA were we achieved our Master’s Degrees in TCM.

1998: upon completing our MTCM 🐉, we graduated, moved onto our 20-acre property in Winthrop, WA (Methow Valley North Central WA), designed and built a solar powered home 🏡 and opened our office, The Methow Acupuncture Clinic!  ☯️

Our new home was a Gur, aka Yurt, ⛺️ on a 30-foot diameter concrete floor with radiant,♨️ hydronic heat.

Our Gur was powered solely by the sun, we set up the well with a solar-direct DC pump (no batteries), clawfoot tub, outdoor solar shower, Wedgewood gas stove.. Luxury camping!  aka “Glamping!” ⛺️

2006: Moved to Spokane, WA for more work 🏥 in Chinese Medicine and to recycle old rundown homes, aka remodeling.

January 2013: we moved to Todos Los Santos where we found and purchased Tres Besos that May. 🎉

June 2013: Tres Besos became our full-time home 🏡, garden 🌴 & business 💼 with our personally manicured vacation rentals.

This  one acre gated garden has many Geckos 🦎 who make kissing 😘 sounds in and around the three houses; thus the name, Tres Besos… 💋😘💋

Acknowledgement of Mother Earth & matrilineal heritage

… in the spirit of honoring the original peoples of the land of my birth & life & our matrilineal heritage I acknowledge my parent’s mothers’ family & original peoples here:

Below is Larry’s version of how human beings of ancient times and to this day on Turtle Island and elsewhere introduce themselves.

We of European/colonial heritage call “them” Native Americans” or “Indians” or “Indigenous” …

…but they call themselves “Human beings” in their native languages in recognition that We are ALL Indigenous to Mother Earth. Ancient proto european cultures like the “Celts” also believed this in their own ways.

You may notice that we trace our lineage via the matrilineal bloodlines – tracing both parents mothers’ grandmothers’ family lines as far back as they are able.

It just so happens that our mitochondrial DNA only passes through the female genes. This is how we, all humans, are able to trace our origins to Africa …

So…I stand before you as Turtle (aka Larry) of central Eastern European heritage.

I was born in Eastern Turtle Island on the Land of the Susquehannock People near the meeting place where the early colonists who created the USA met the Haudenosaunee People of the Six Nations and learned of The Great Law of Peace. Most know the Haudenosaunee from their colonial French name: The “Iroquois”.

This area is now called Carbon County, west of the Delaware People and South of the Mohawk, in their language Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (“people of the flint”), “Keepers of the Eastern Door”.

I grew up on the West Coast of Turtle Island on the Land of the “Ohlone” aka San Fransisco Bay Area, specifically Hayward, CA.

I now live on the Land of the Piracu & Guaycura at the southern end of the “Baja” peninsula; the second longest peninsula on Earth.

My great Grandmothers on my mother’s mother’s side are of “peasant farmers” of the Hagar clan of what is now Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

My mother’s, father’s, mothers are of Scottish great Grandmothers of McAndrews clan which hails from McIntosh clan. The Scottish Grandmothers arrived to the Virginia territory during the colonial period long before the USA existed;

… therefore, I acknowledge their heritage and apologize to the original human inhabitants of this land, Turtle Island, for their invasive, colonial attitudes and actions and I offer my life as an example of conciliation of this heritage and live as congenial and radical as I can as a Steward of the place where I live. – radical meaning root i.e. “getting to the root of the problem” or as we prefer getting to the root solution.

My father’s mother’s grandmothers were “peasant farmers” from the village of Rosaha in central Eastern Europe.

My father’s father’s grandmothers, as far as we know, were also “peasant-farmers” from central Eastern Europe, Carpathian region, of what now may be parts of Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, etc…

These Great Grandmothers like the Hagar grandmother likely arrived in the USA thru Ellis Island with Austrian-Hungarian passports.

This is who we are… we acknowledge our heritage in this way with respect and gratitude and acknowledgment of sorrow for any harm they may have caused to the original humans of the Lands of Turtle Island both intentionally and unintentionally.

Diane’s matrilineal heritage is German and possibly Jewish on her mother’s side and English on her father’s side.

We greet you as a fellow humans with this background and hope to learn the beauty of your mothers’ grandmothers’ heritage as well and live as a fellow human.

for all our relations, in respect of all our ancestors, Ah-Ho…

🌎 ¡Salud a La Madre Tierra muchas gracias! 🌎 Copyright © 2014-2022

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