La Cabaña a Tres Besos

La Cabaña at Tres Besos is available to rent in the Pueblo Magico, Todos los Santos, Baja CA Sur, Mexico.   

Availability        Photos         Contact        Rates

Our ~300 sf, Cabaña is a fully furnished Studio, Sleeps up to 2, includes:

  • private yard
  • outdoor, covered kitchen/bath
  • ~600 sf outdoor, covered “living/dining room”
  • Wi-Fi
  • clothes washer
  • solar dryer
  • dedicated parking space

Availability        Photos        Contact          Rates   by Season in USD, sleeps 1-2, 7-day minimum:


We look forward to meeting and getting to know new clients.  Nos parece bien. It seems good to us.

Life is Great by the Beach in Baja!

🌎 ¡Vive La Madre Tierra! 🌎

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