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Monty Python explains the problem with great humor and quite clearly. 🤣 😎

This is a regularly updated work in progress so check back often for updates as indicated by the “UPDATED” date above.

We can not emphsize enough how important it is to learn how to manage things according to natural principles and tribal ethics.

We are currently exploring and studying the links/sources on this page in order to continue learning and sharing in the spirit of creating a new “Eco-nomy” *  that serves Life First!

  • * We write “Eco-nomy” this way to bring attention to the meaning of the word.    
  • –   “Eco” as you may know is Greek for home, Earth, i.e. Ecosystem, Ecology, etc.,
  • –   “nominis” is Greek for “management” not money… 

So “Eco-nomics” is the study & practice of how we manage our home…  

…indigenous cultures see, eco, home, as the entire ecosystem to which we belong. Land does not belong to humans, as property, humans belong to the land which begets us, to which we are an integral part …
thus we have a responsibility to do our part in maintaining balance together with all species.  
…”dominion over” is patriotic control over the matriarchic energy of Woman and Earth. 

We are dependant on the Earth, Universal physics (Laws of Thermodynamics) and locally/globally, all ecosystems on Earth working in harmony without pollution. Pollution is our responsibility. So let’s deal with it like adults.

Give attention to how our lives impact the Earth First!

As long as we manage (=nominis) our economy with the profit motive as primary, causing us to pollute our only Home (=eco), we continue to reduce and ultimately eliminate our ecological support networks which will lead to extinction.

Greed, for money, things, etc., via the profit motive is strongly encouraged by the economic system of control we call capitalism. This capitalistic system of eco-nomic control is the problem, not trump (intentionally lower case) or the government. trump and others like him are just symptoms, intentionally distracting us from the systemic problem of capitalism via fear mongering commercial news.

Capitalists know this so they designed a schooling and commercial marketing,  entertainment system that sugar coats everything, making it look pretty and feel good like sugar but this system keeps you in the dark about the real problems and their cause in order to promote their profits.

For example arterial-sclerosis IS NOT caused by cholesterol.  Cholesterol is like “duct-tape” patching physical damage caused by oxidized fats, toxins and sugar in your arteries.

The Business of doing what needs to be done and inovating has nothing to do with hoarding money/“profits”… Capitalism is in the business of creating profits by any means necessary including all life sustaining system on Earth. Our life support system is being systematically mowed down for the almighty “Profit.”

So unschool, untrain yourself via education free of capitalist censorship.

We suggest starting with the reality of current eco-nomics and then learning to understand indigenous eco-nomics…

i.e. family/worker-owned or sole proprietorship businesses create and maintain more localized, community based economies focused on taking care of the business of life and innovation while sharing profits rather than hoarding them…

…All the current problems in our cultures are due to systemic issues that no one in “power” wants to talk about in public because they know that we know that the problem is the system!    Yes, “the elephant in the room” is the “Eco-nomy.”
We need to design a new system that is resilient, based on Nature’s “Laws” and not dependent on continuas war and the systemic crisis of “boom & bust” “Eco-nomics.”  This is also what Mr. Rifkin is also teaching us.

We encourage education via UNCENSORED information:

meaning information sources vetted by a community of committed people, (social activists, scientists, concerned citizens of Earth) that are UNCENSORED by commercial, capitalist, profit seeking corporations.

If you are interested in helping Global Cultures Mature into responsible Life-affirming societies please read and feel free to share and contribute to this effort.  Please visit our Ideas & Actions page for more on our Philosophy.

We appreciate sharing and continued Learning so please share your Links and ideas via our Contact page.

What can YOU do right now? 

– Assess your consumer and food purchases, especially eliminating anything made of or with any plastics.

– Compost all your own foods scraps in your yard and use the finished product to nourish your soils.

– buy Nourishing Traditions cookbook. Eat more broth, use it to make rice and sauces. Eat less beef & milk: it takes 5,000 gallons of water to process every pound of beef from birth to your table. Milk takes 500 gallons of water per gallon of whole milk. Milk is very nutritious for baby cows, not for humans.

– Buy, only whole, fresh, locally produced food, do not buy food substitutes: anything packaged in a sealed bag, box, bottle, or

Contact us with a request to obtain a copy of our TCM Dietetics Guide.

– Learn and integrate the 5 “R” s:

1. Reduce consumption of all commercial products, shop at second hand stores,

2. Reuse everything you buy as much as possible,  

3. Recondition/refurbish/remodel everything you can, donate to second hand stores instead of sending to the dump, buy or remodel houses new

4. Repurpose things for other uses.

5. Recyce everything possible. Recycling takes more energy than all the above “R”s combined…

– PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING A PERMACULTURE DESIGN, PCD, COURSE ASAP and send your teenage children to PCD course before college!

What is Permaculture Design?

Learn about indigenous way of seeing the world…

Read Starhawk’s books for a Permaculturally designed story. She writes a wholistic, Permaculture based Sci-fi story in her books The Fifth Sacred Thing and The City of Refuge, etc..

The PCD network is one of the largest grassroots movements on Earth that you never heard of!  Anywhere you wish to visit on Earth you can find a PCD “farm” and Courses.

Click for a small sample.

PCD courses are two (2) week intensives, costing $2-4k USD and generally include all coursework and materials and room and board.

PCD is a design system based on Natural, ancient ethics and modern science with a focus on using Natural Principles to Design a truly Sustainble Livelihood on a human scale.

PCD is an Economic Design System that can be used to Deisgn ANYTHING!  oh … like maybe a new form of government and business organization that promotes healthy life rather than destroying it like our current system is doing.

PCD teaching farm created with Uncle Bill.

Remember: Eco-nomics is the study and practice of how we manage our home.

… All the current problems in our cultures are due to systemic issues that no one in “power” wants to talk about in public because they know that we know that the problem is the system!    Yes, “the elephant in the room” is the “Eco-nomy.”
We need to design a new system that is resilient, based on Nature’s “Laws” and not dependent on continual war and the systemic crisis of “boom & bust” “Eco-nomics.”
Permaculture Design, PCD, and Natural systems tell us that the problem is the solution.
The Ethical basis of PCD:    – the Earth provides everything we and all life on Earth needs to thrive not just survive.
This means think about how our actions affect the Earth First!  “This is the prime directive!”
1. Care of the Earth First!
2. Care of the People Second!
3. Manage resources so that ALL species get their Fair Share!  “Eco-nomics” based on Earth Care.
Some PCD Principles: Observe, then interact; Catch and Store Energy = Make hay while the sun shines; Use and Value Diversity = Diversify;   Use Edges and Value the margin/the edge, the cutting edge… the edge of the meadow where it meets the forest is the area of greater diversity and resilience = Don’t think you are on the right track just because it is a well-beaten path.
  • from David Holmgren co-originator of the PCD concept: Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. 2004.

This will give you some idea of what we are talking about.

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🌎 ¡Salud a La Madre Tierra, muchas Gracias! 🌎

We encourage education via uncensored information:

meaning information sources vetted and freely shared by a community of committed people, (social activists, scientists, concerned citizens of Earth) that are UNCENSORED by commercial, capitalist, profit seeking money-hoarders.

Reasons for Systemic Eco-nomic/cultural Reconstruction…

  • Current Industrialized schooling is a capitalist construct, schooling creates good followers.
  • Democracy requires EDUCATED citizens.
  • Educated people create Democratically run economic systems.   Like PCD!
  • Educated people require trusted community vetted sources.
  • Sole proprietorships, worker-owned businesses and worker co-ops are the basis of local, non-corporate, socialized economies that support life, Earth & people.
  • Capitalism fails to support the workers who actually create society’s surplus products and services: capitalists call this surplus their profits.
  • Capitalistic profits are created through the actual physical work of 99% of the population who are the employees of the 1% who control and hoard the money.
  • Employees do the work that makes the surplus (profits) and employers get to keep ALL the surplus (profits) that they did not actually create.
  • Severely non-egalitarian, NO; Legal, YES, but only because WE The People allow it!
  • Money is only a tool of exchange. It is not the Economy.
  • Economics is the study of how we manage (nominis) our home (eco) through resource extraction, manufacturing of goods, providing services & trade/commerce which can all be done through globally networked worker-owned businesses.
  • USA, & likely other countries’, tax codes are currently designed to support people who hoard huge amounts of cash and investments, not the people who pay for it all with our blood, sweat and tears…
  • “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world®, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Our political, physical, mental/emotional/spiritual problems are mostly due to overpopulation … Population “Clock”

… AND the modern capitalist system that controls, how we manage ourselves and the world, Economics…

no offense intended but, “It’s the Economy, stupid!”

Well it is … the economy is controlled by greedy money-hoaders, greed is encouraged and empowered by capitalism…

the Greek origins of the word: eco-nomicsis about management of our home not about money, especially not about money-hoarding!

eco = home or house;  nominis = management

So by educating ourselves via community vetted sources that are not censored by corporate/commercial interests,

i.e. community supported radio, TV (see below), & other sources with the aforementioned ideas in mind,

… we can create an interdependant and independant world economic system rooted in actual free and fair trade via local, globally networked, worker-owned businesses that support and promote all people, cultures and all Life on Earth in healthy, sustainable diversity!

 The money-hoarding capitalists know all the above & work to keep this information from the people who need it the most, the 99%, us, the workforce, the people who actually create the profits that “they” hoard and prevent us from thriving.

The People also make up OUR Governments.

Consider how every action you take, things you create, things you buy, affects the Earth First! and you will be more thoughtful and constructively critical of how we all affect the Earth which supports all Life unconditionally and without mercy!

So relax, ground your Qi (Life Force/energy), deal with pain/issues, be nonviolent and then take action!

– the five principles of Tai Qi according to Chen Man Ching  🐉

Read Starhawk’s books, Permaculture based Sci-fi: The Fifth Sacred Thing and The City of Refuge.



Our statement on violence in México is located here because it is generally of no concern to us and 99% of Méxican citizens and foreign tourists.

Due to fear-inducing, capitalist controlled media many people believe that México is unsafe.
Méxican violence generally only affects people involved with Cartels.
Much if not most of this violence is due to USA drug policy, USA made weapons and the illegal importation of illicit drugs into the USA from México.
Mexico is no more dangerous than your home town and considering US gun violence very likely visiting or living in Mexico is SAFER and more affordable than the USA!
Mexican citizens may ONLY purchase hunting rifles with a Federal Permit.
Military weapons are not legally available for purchase anywhere in Mexico.
In fact the majority of the Cartels’ weapons are smuggled in from the USA.
The USA is the largest manufacturer of military hardware on Earth, and thees weapons are one of the few things left that are still manufactured in the USA.
Do you know anyone with an assault rifle? These weapons are designed for one thing: killing people!
So, yes there is cartel violence in México, but there is violence in every country and the “cartel violence” in México is 99% limited to people involved with these cartels.
The average people here are as safe as anywhere else in any large city anywhere on Earth, especially in tourist areas. Like in any big city stay on the beaten path, avoid the alleys…
Again PLEASE Listen to non-commercial Pacifica Network News on the Left of the dial or online: KPFA – Berkeley, KPFK – LA, WBAI – NYC, WPFW – WADC, KPFT – Houston.

🌎 Salud a Madre Tierra, Muchísima Gracias 🌎🌎 ¡Vive La Madre Tierra!🌎

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