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For an education on our and other’s ideas on the whys and hows of real, sustainable, social change…

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We can not emphsize enough how important it is to learn how to manage things according to natural principles and tribal ethics:


The PCD network is one of the largest grassroots movements on Earth that you never heard of!  Anywhere you wish to visit in Earth you can find a PCD Course.

PCD courses are two (2) week intensives, costing $2-4k USD and generally include all coursework and materials and room and board.

PCD is a design system based on ancient ethics and modern science with a focus on using Natural Principles to Design a truly Sustainble Livelihood on a human scale.

As such PCD basically is Nature based Economics.

PCD as a set of Principles can be used to Deisgn ANYTHING!

… All the current problems in our cultures are due to systemic issues that no one in “power” wants to talk about in public because they know that we know that the problem is the system!    Yes, “the elephant in the room” is the “Eco-nomy.”
We need to design a new system that is resilient, based on Nature’s “Laws” and not dependent on continual war and the systemic crisis of “boom & bust” “Eco-nomics.”
Permaculture Design, PCD, and Natural systems tell us that the problem is the solution.
The Ethical basis of PCD:    – the Earth provides everything we and all life on Earth needs to thrive not just survive.
This means think about how our actions affect the Earth First!  “This is the prime directive!”
1. Care of the Earth First!
2. Care of the People Second!
Conserve resources so that ALL species get their Fair Share!
Some PCD Principles:  Observe, then interact, value the margin, the edge, the cutting edge… the edge of the meadow where it meets the forest is the area of greater diversity and resilience.

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🌎 ¡Salud a La Madre Tierra, muchas Gracias! 🌎

We encourage education via uncensored information:

meaning information sources vetted by a community of committed people, (social activists, scientists, concerned citizens of Earth) that are UNCENSORED by commercial, capitalist, profit seeking corporations.

with this in mind below are some websites we feel are worthy of our attention, because…

  • Industrialized schooling, a capitalist construct, schools people to be good followers.
  • Democracy requires EDUCATED citizens.
  • Educated people create Democratically run economic systems.   Like PCD!
  • Educated people require trusted community vetted sources.
  • Sole proprietorships, worker-owned businesses and worker co-ops are the basis of local, non-corporate, socialized economies that support life, Earth & people.
  • Capitalism fails to support the people who actually create the owner’s profits through their actual work: the 99% of the population who are the employees of the 1% who control and hoard the money.
  • Money is only a tool of exchange. It is not the Economy.
  • Economics is the study of how we manage (nominis) our home (eco) through resource extraction, manufacturing of goods, providing services & trade/commerce which can all be done through worker-owned business.
  • “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world®, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

Our political, physical, mental/emotional/spiritual problems are mostly due to overpopulation … Population “Clock”

… AND the modern capitalist system that controls, how we manage ourselves and the world, Economics…

no offense intended but, “It’s the Economy, stupid!”

Well it is … the economy is controlled by greedy money-hoaders, aka capitalists…

the Greek origins of the word: eco-nomicsis about management of our home not about money, especially not about money-hoarding!

eco = home or house;  nominis = management

So by educating ourselves via community vetted sources that are not censored by corporate/commercial interests,

i.e. community supported radio, TV (see below), & other sources with the aforementioned ideas in mind,

… we can create an interdependant and independant world economic system rooted in actual free and fair trade via local worker-owned businesses that support and promote all people, cultures and all Life on Earth in healthy, sustainable diversity!

 The money-hoarding capitalists know all the above & work to keep this information from the people who need it the most, the 99%, us, the workforce, the people who actually create the profits that “they” hoard and prevent us from thriving.

The People also make up OUR Governments.

Consider how every action you take, things you create, things you buy, affects the Earth First! and you will be more thoughtful and constructively critical of how we all affect the Earth which supports all Life unconditionally and without mercy!

So relax, ground your Qi (Life Force/energy), deal with pain/issues, be nonviolent and then take action!

– the five principles of Tai Qi according to Chen Man Ching  🐉

Read Starhawk’s books, Permaculture based Sci-fi: The Fifth Sacred Thing and The City of Refuge.

🌎 Salud a Madre Tierra, Muchísima Gracias 🌎🌎 ¡Vive La Madre Tierra!🌎

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