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🖖   Leonard Nimoy came up with this greeting. It is a Yiddish hand sign for their letter “S” which represents the Blessing “Shalom” … so when anyone uses this sign they are giving blessings to the recipients!  😇 We learned this from Nimoy himself via a documentary by his son.

We appreciate your visit. Please check in often as we update this page every time we learn something new about what we can do to create healthy economies and cultures for generations to come……

…like this very important environmental info that no one is talking about!

… learn about the “Bubble Boy”, Alan Bell, a Miami attorney who became deathly ill from environmental toxins back in the 1990s.  His story and recommendations here.


Important info on general diet and health especially for memory loss/restoration.

more on this diet here…

Learn about economic issues – Jeremy Rifkin, economic advisor to gov’ts around the world.

… then watch this in order to learn about public banking.

Please visit our Ideas & Actions page for thoughts on our Ideas, Actions & Philosophy.

Learn about Sensi Masanobu Fukuoka. Master of Natural Farming, producing one’s own food with his chemical free “Do nothing” method!  😇 ❤️

We appreciate sharing and continued Learning so please share your Links and ideas via our Contact page.


Please consider signing and sharing these petitions:

The People’s Charter to Create a Nonviolent World


The internet is the people’s communication link.

It was created by USA tax dollars in a Public University specifically to share information.

Now the capitalist corporations are limiting access to the people by charging more money for more bandwidth.  This means if you cannot afford it you cannot use it, so a very large sector of the public would have limited access to this public network.

The internet was created by a public institution. It has become a public utility through a distributed network of computers linked directly via existing phone lines.

Why Net Neutrality Matters?               The Mozilla Blog

Help the Jarawa

🌎 ¡Salud a La Madre Tierra, muchas Gracias! 🌎

Community based Radio and information

We have been listening to community radio for over 20 years which is our main source of news, education and interesting fun facts, great music, health info etc.

Please stop listening to commercial sources and listen to and support constructive, critical, investigative programs on the Pacfica Radio Network.

KPFA, Pacifica’s original/flagship station started in 1949.

Pacifica is also the origin of Democracy Now! independant, non-corporate news.

Here are the links to each Pacifica station around the USA so you can add their “Listen Live” link to your computer audio player:

Current studies in Health and Community

Learn the latest on diet that helps prevent and restore neural health i.e. dementia

Learn about water safety issues. from your local Waterkeeper amd consider joining, supporting or attending an event…

If you are interested in learning how to create community dialog on changing the current system the Center for Wise Democracy  “…offer[s] social innovations for solving today’s intractable problems.”

Conscious Elders Network

Only eat FERMENTED SOY Products

USA expats living in México.  We, like thousands of other, sold everything in the USA and moved to México for a more comfortable, healthy and affordable life. The stresses of trying to afford living in the USA are gone!

The teachings of S. Brian Willson, Vietnam vet turned social activist

Socially active publisher PM Press “seek[s] to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books, pamphlets, T-shirts, visual and audio materials to educate, entertain, and inspire you.”

Indigenous Issues

because I grew up in CA, SF Bay Area & now live in Todos Los Santos, BCS, México, my focus is mostly in the greater CA, SFBA &, BCS regions, however Indigenous issues cross all modern borders so I will also post info regardless of region or “country.”

Indian Country Today

Protecting Ohlone Heritage

Film “Beyond Recognition”

The First European Settlement in Todos Los Santos, BCS

Expedition to the Guaycura Nation

Corrina Gould Protecting Sacred Sites


US Campaign for Palestinian Rights

USA gives Israel $14,346 per Israeli “citizen” per year! WHY?

that is about $10million per day per yr since 1949!

Your taxes do not support humanity …

US Israeli “tax treaty” PDF

Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi

Subscribe to Abby’s Empire Files on YouTube to learn the costs that all other countries pay to support USA citizens lifestyle.

USA citizens use 25% of the Earth’s  extracted resources but we are only 6% of the global population…
Globally, we are currently BURNING 5x more petroleum than we are extracting.  Nate Hagens



Great coffee via peaceful solutions!

Protect the Earth

The Cost of Industrial meat production.

SFBA Indegenous Issue

Use this to create your own lawsuit to protect Natural resources…

USA culture creates violence agianst Earth.

Learn about global implications of your diet & what you can do about it!

Nate Hagens: “Blindspots and Superheroes” Earth Day, Rochester, April 23, 2017


Health Issues

Do not eat Soy Oil or anything with soy oil

   – also do not eat any unfermented soy product like tofu.

   – only eat FERMENTED soy products like tempeh, soy sauce, miso…

Health care comparison of Expat from Arizona living near Lake Chapala in Mexico!

Dr Mirkin has some good nutrition info but is my estimation is not totally up to date on saturated fats as he recommends replacing them with polyunsaturates.
Mirkin’s general advice about diet is great, but check his ideas about saturated fats against Sally Fallon and Dr Mary Enig, PhD  authors of Nourishing Traditions cookbook.

WHO = UN’s World Health Organization, comments on sugar

Storm brewing over WHO sugar proposal

WHO Guidelines for sugar consumption  PDF file

How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat

Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists To Point Blame At Fat

Energy Production

Baja has México’s Largest Solar Power Plant.

“Keep it in the ground”

Humans Are Blind to Imminent Environmental Collapse

TV Legend Norman Lear: Maximizing Shareholder Value Is the ‘Central Disease of Our Time’

News the People can trust!

Pacifica Community Radio – KPFA 94.1 FM – Berkeley CA

Democracy Now! Investigative Journalism

You will not find this info on CNN or esp fox

Critical exposes on Capitalism based on fact & democracy

The Intercept

No-till Farming reduces CO2

Peace Journalism

Positive News from Yes Magazine

Thom Hartmann

Investigating Power & Politics

Zika virus

Real Change ONLY happens “from the ‘bottom’ up”

Learn about real economics as only Jeremy Rifkin can explain.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. (r) Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead. Used with permission.

All energy production needs to be via Public Utilities.

People affect real change, not governments. Learn how here.

Checkout what The People of Maine are doing for their families!

Economics should be based on Happiness not money.

Some great Eco-nomic Design Ideas


Deep Green Resistance

Noam Chomsky

Alan Watts

The Dao based on the Tao Te Ching

ECO-nomics & Education

Indigenous “Eco-nomics” is about generations of resilient stewards in the place they belong to.

via Jeremy Rifkin, Internationally renowned Economic Theroist who advises Presidents of many countries. USA gov’t excluded only because they will not admit they are wrong.

United States Senate Finance Committee Publishes “Whitepapers” that can actually help The People providing some real education paid for by Our federal taxes:

Estate Tax Schemes: How America’s most fortunate hide their wealth, flout tax laws, and grow the wealth gap.”


Carl Marx develops critical analyses of economics.

Educate yourself on the impact of Amazon and how you can change it.

Professor Richard D. Wolff

The Mondragon Collective

Critical analysis 

 CoCreative Collaboration

Worker-Owned Business creates profits for everyone

Invest in Worker-owned Business

Buy Books from Independent Sellers not amazon

Own YOUR Future thru true Democracy

 Current Events

Flint MI water woes. Making millions at the expense of people with no access to our most important and common resource.

Community Resilience

USS Finance Committee Whitepaper on how the money-hoarders steal from us.


Population Control

Human population has more than doubled in my lifetime…

Please read the stories of Daniel Quinn, Ishmael , etc…

Also the research of Hopfenberg and Pimentel:

“…human population growth is … subject to the same dynamic processes as the population growth of other species.”

“…Contrary to the widely held belief that food production must be increased to feed the growing population, experimental and correlational data indicate that human population growth varies as a function of food availability.” [emphasis added].

“…By increasing food production for humans, at the expense of other species, the biologically determined effect has been, and continues to be, an increase in the human population.”  [emphasis added].

“Understanding the relationship between food increases and population increases is proposed as a necessary first step in addressing this global problem. ”  [emphasis added].

Above quotes are in sequence from                                                                                                HUMAN POPULATION NUMBERS AS A FUNCTION OF FOOD SUPPLY                                              by Russell Hopfenberg and David Pimentel

Technologies, Science, History

Regenerative Agriculture can sequester 1 ton of CO2/ hectare which means we can sequester all the CO2 we are currently spewing within 10 yrs; via planned regenerative farming we can reduce our population without any reduction induced starvation.

What is Permaculture Design?

PCD is a Design System based on Natural Ethics, real science and ancient principles that can be used to design anything: gardens, farms, homes, buildings, cities, states, nations, economics, tools … Actually given the definition of ECO nomics PCD is a natural economic design system because it helps us design how we manage everything!  😉

Permaculture Design (PCD)

Founder of Permaculture

Co-Founder of Permaculture

”Do nothing farming”

World Watch Institute


Technology, Education/Entertainment Design

Gravity waves confirmed

The Iceman

Ancient Fungus

Fungus info & products


“Shamanic” Alternative Realities

Our “Dr Doolittle” -like friend.

SFBA Indegenous Issues


🌎 Salud a Madre Tierra, Muchísima Gracias 🌎

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